Timetable of Sessions

Our 1st draft timetable is below.

From now on we'll 'live update' the timetable each time we make a change 🙂 More in depth session details and times will come at the end of June. Some times may change – However we'll try to keep this to a minimum.

We'll definitely have two Zoom accounts (and some people with private accounts additionally) – so the first two columns are for our BiCon Zooms – the third is for our other platforms or private Zooms.

If you want to offer to do a session there's still gaps as you can see 😀 just email in to biconuk2020@gmail.com and we'll get you the questions back super fast!

DateTimesZoom 1Zoom 23rd platform
Thursday18:15-18:45An Intro to BiCon 2021xx
Thursday19:00-19.45Peeling Back: What do you choose to show or hide to/from the world.
Thursday20:00-20.45Sexy Selfies: celebrating your queerness and body through the art of the selfie
Friday10:00-10:45CHAT BREAKOUTS (Kate - personal zoom)
Friday11:00-11:45CHAT BREAKOUTS (Kate - personal zoom)
Friday12:00-12:45Meet BiCon Continuity
Friday13:00-13.45The short guide to accessibility
Friday14:00-14:45Pre DMP
Friday15:00 - 15.45Spoonie Sex! (Sex and Disability) (personal zoom)
Friday16:00-16:45 "Asians in Bi+ and queer contexts"Spoonie Sex! (Sex and Disability) (personal zoom)
Friday17:00-17:45Bi+ and Beyond" - Documentary (pt1)Speed friending (Discord)
Friday18:00-18:45Bis of colour and BAME safe spaceBi+ and Beyond" - Documentary (continuation)Bisexuals In Fandom (Discord)
Friday19:00-19:45A Sabbath ServiceQueer in Academia
Friday20:00-20:45MultiFaith Spiritual Space SessionQueer Literature (personal Zoom)
Friday21-00-21.45No Pride in War: Queers resisting militarism and the arms trade
Friday22.00-22.45Making Rope Intersectional
Saturday10:00-10.45StorytimeAnti ZiganismHealth Inequalities in Bisexual People and Where to Access Help
Saturday11:00-11:45Bisexuals working in education or who are studentsBlack queer historyUNISON, Bi+ equality and intersectionality in the workplace (personal Zoom)
Saturday12:00-12:45Everyday Makeup TutorialDisability Safe Space
Saturday13:00-13.45Bi Organisation FundingFat Happy Safe Space
Saturday14:00-14:45SuperFat+ Happy Safe SpaceCraftalong with Gemma (personal Zoom)
Saturday15:00 - 15.45Polyamory 101 - the basics ofDBT skills to survive a crisis (personal Zoom)
Saturday16.00-16.45Polyamory 101 - the basics ofNeurodiverse workshop - Intro to Executive FunctionDBT skills to survive a crisis (personal Zoom)
Saturday17.00-17.45Genderqueer & Non Binary safe spaceBi community groups and events organisers meet
Saturday18:00-18:45Kink 101Trans+ Safer SpaceKitchen Witchcraft
Saturday19:00-19:45Bi Representation on Screen: does the horror genre do it best?Speed Friending (Gather)
Saturday20:00-20:45Biscuit's Big Bi Quiz
Saturday21:00-21.45The BiCon Ball! Pt1Spatial chat social space: chat, games and disco (on gather)
Saturday22.00-22.45The BiCon Ball! Pt2Spatial chat social space: chat, games and disco (on gather)
Sunday10:00-10.45DMP Session 1xx
Sunday11.00-11.45DMP Part 2xx
Sunday12:00-12:45Bring-A-Bi-ObjectQueer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Media
Sunday13:00-13:45Being Less Lonely Online & Off (BLLOO)BiCon Group Photo (personal zoom)
Sunday14:00-14:45Yes, All Men: Taking responsibility and dismantling the patriarchy.
Sunday15:00-15.45What does the Bible really say about sex and sexuality?cops and bi spaces, past and present (recorded by Pink Peacock team)
Sunday16:00-16:30Closing Meetingxx