How to do Anti Racism Training

Hi folks
So as we know that the training can be harder to access for some – here’s some suggestions and some things we can do to help you!
The training is in 2 parts really – watching the video/content itself and the thoughtful exercises contained within.
We’ve added time stamps for each of these exercises underneath the youtube video itself.
Here are the options we can suggest to you – and we’re absolutely happy to help – we want everyone to get the chance to learn this and attend bicon! So if these don't work for you – please get in touch and let us know and maybe we can mix them together in a way that helps you.
  1. We can provide the transcript of the training and the slides so you can read through in your own time without the audio/video – and then email your individual exercise thoughts to
  2. You can watch in your own time and then email your individual exercise thoughts to
  3. We can run a group over 4 weeks –Doing 1-2 exercises each week and emailing in thoughts at a certain date/times. I’ll set this up as soon as I have 4 people who want to do it – again email in to
  4. You can watch the video on youtube in your own time, then we can get together on zoom to discuss all the exercises at once which we’ll do monthly I expect, if we get at least 4 people.
  5. You can watch the video in your own time and then discuss it in a text based format on discord either in a group or individual depending on how many people we get for this – email and we’ll set it up
  6. We can get together and watch the video together via youtube/zoom and then discuss. We can run a group to discuss it. 

Ways to watch/intake

  • Youtube (with subtitles)
  • Youtube (no subtitles/turn them off)
  • Transcript and powerpoint slides
  • Watch weekly youtube exercises in small bursts 
  • Watch together on youtube+zoom at once

Ways to discuss

  • Email on your own to
  • Discord group chat in a channel
  • Zoom group together all exercises at once (with auto subtitles)
  • Zoom group together 1 exercise per week
  • If we get 2 or more people who want to pair up and email each other I can set that up too


DATE FOR BICON 2021 WILL BE 5 AUGUST 2021 when we need to administrate the bookings we have 🙂 so you need to book and complete the training before then

hope this is ok for everyone!