2021 Graphs

Below are images of the graphs. A slide deck that is accessible for screen readers, is better for zooming in on the text if the font is too small and is colour adjustable etc is available here.


General Themed Feedback

  1. Ableism – disability language sessions needed for awareness for all… (Including large fonts stuff too that crosses over into trainers part, and not talking over others is part of access). Quotes like ‘best foot forward’.
  2. Team/event communications – videos good – especially for the code of conduct – transparency, comments about 'no us and them' and so more transparency of a very involved nature recommended. I know videos are a lot for most folks but really a weekly update would still be good to see. communications overall must be checked to be more clear – ideally this should be someone's role all the time so they have clear awareness of what Qs are going in and out and not something we have to put together in a rush on a shoestring haha. DO NOT USE GMAIL CONFIDENTIAL MODE it was a nightmare for a lot of folks.
  3. Online/blended element for 2022 – really need online element next year!!!! Really reaching people who are isolated – so many comments about this. So so many! And most folks saying they only ‘maybe’ would come to bicon again depends on an online element.
  4. New people – common thread it was cliquey and hard to make friends. Really linked to the talking over others and the welcomings of newcomers
  5. Anti-racism – some will only come if anti-racism and anti-oppression continues (Kate comment, same haha)
  6. Anti-racism – the DMP was the best part for a lot of people – but one person listed it as their least favourite – this could be simply someone mis-reading the question or hating that style of meeting – but another person actually typed in the worst box that the votes passing at the DMP were the worst part of bicon, which I feel needed called out in case we all forget that people who did not want us to become more anti oppressive are still in/around this community and personally (Kate) I feel we should watch out for that and ensure we keep educating and helping them to understand what type of event we voted for this to be (anti oppressive), and that he burden to educate and help doesn't fall on those who are affected by their views, but on the entire community to step up and take ownership for each other’s behaviours.
  7. There were 2 separate comments, one which said that they worried bicon would become "aggressively missandric" and used the phrase "toxic femininity" and one which said that the #yesallmen session did not use inclusive statistics. These are going to be looked at by the session leader Al and our team member Rae in a video – but the line misandry is something I (Kate) personally worry about as a MensRightsActivist dog whistle and I feel that although most at bicon would not say those types of things – we still need to be aware that bicon is a section of society – and as such will get some people in it who are bordering on MRA activity – again I would hope we can try to educate (and that this burden doesn't fall on those oppressed by their views) and if the person doesn't understand this they know what type of event we are and can choose not to come.
  8. Kate forgot to say thank you to Oliver for his stunning work on the listening team this year, and those who volunteered for shifts. The listeners are a fabulous and necessary core of the community J




Meaningful Quotes from the Feedback

  1. A great opportunity to feel part of queer community that I rarely get, until last year I thought it was impossible.
  2. Seeing all the different people and knowing they all identify as bi. Seeing the diversity of them. That there were so many disabled, chronically ill, trans, non-binary and neurodiverse people.
  3. A way to find community.
  4. Helps me feel valid as a queer person.
  5. Lovely, a refreshing oasis in the Covid nightmare.
  6. I'm extremely proud of my community for committing to making BiCon an anti-racist and anti-ableist space.
  7. Please make it less cliquey and more welcoming for those who aren't so involved with the bi community.
  8. To find a non-straight space where I could discuss my own relationship status without needing to explain too much and have the issues already half understood.
  9. A beautiful little flower of hope in a difficult year
  10. The reasons I came originally were to be around bi-people 'find myself’.
  11. The community including Bicon itself, other groups etc. mean I am not alone anymore.
  12. (There were) sessions where facilitators didn't stop talking or bantered with their mates without bringing new people in. Femmes and POC getting talked over.
  13. Lots of nice comments and quotes thanking the team and saying how good a job everyone involved did (thanks all involved you were fabbie!)
  14. The vibe in some of the workshops was certain people dominating and chatting like old friends, not really interested in drawing in new voices and speaking over femmes and POC in particular.



Sessions Themed Feedback

  1. Scheduling/timetable comments – longer breaks, make a mandatory lunch, timetable and description info together not separate. Session descriptions needed a 'read over' not just cut and paste as some didn’t make sense.
  2. Discord – demos on how to use discord in advance (with extra help on threads especially for each session use) discord channel to use after was great – keep in touch about topics, lots of comments about enjoying it but needing more training. Some people felt 'out of touch' as they didn't know how to use it – it was hard for people to find the specific places that discord PowerPoints etc. would get shared in after – so clarity around that perhaps
  3. sessions – facilitators trained up in a mandatory session (esp. how to hold space for marginalised people), and how to say 'no' to those talking over everyone without feeling guilty etc. – handouts with larger fonts – quite a lot of comments about people being allowed to talk over others during sessions and the facilitator not stopping it or moving it on, and this feeling exclusionary (and at times talking over POC and femmes comment)
  4. safe space people – one volunteer promised to write a 'things I wish I had known' guide – and we need to take extra care with these ones to make sure people attend the mandatory session
  5. Captions – overall subtitles were amazing. (some comments around breakout rooms captions which is zoom not team unfortunately – same as zoom not being good at accents)
  6. New people – more stuff to welcome newcomers and make them feel really part of the community – various ideas about this – suggest this is a whole topic area for one person if possible. One idea was setting up small teams of new people to check in with each other through the event.
  7. Tech helpers, lots of comments that they are/were great – it's absolutely necessary, but make them do a mandatory session as some did not attend and were not able to tell the team this in advance, and some struggled etc. – and the level of service was inconsistent. Make it that the team *will* disclose the emails of tech help and online session runner unless told not to – so that you can ensure this happens, as some didn't contact – be more strict about this – do not be afraid to be strict as it makes it better. one safe space organiser did *not* want a tech helper from that area because they were too involved in the session – feel the problem here is more around tech help behaviours and should stick to safe space being only for those members of that area.
  8. Tickets for u18s etc. – 18+ checks went well for online stuff this year – could repeat this.
  9. technology needs for session runners – some people in the community will help to send tech to them to help out for proper cameras or mics etc. if needed – so don't be afraid to ask – get the session runners to do tests of content and equipment if they are doing online next year to avoid these issues.
  10. SESSIONS WE LOVED OR WANT TO SEE NEXT YEAR. next year we want/multiple people LOVED – flirting with women for women, a session on coming out for newbies, more on genderqueer, trans, sexuality, another quiz, survivors safe space, speed friending, aromantic and asexual experiences, spoonie sex again, fashion workshops, masc or femme specific experiences directly, political activism for bi+ movements and where we are on this, cuddle puddle, naked lunch, where are all the amab people?, anti-ziganism, Black queer history with a bi+ aspect, feminism, silent disco, #yesallmen, dbt skills, more mental health spaces, feminism, bi+ Asian experiences again, need more neurodiverse space, silent disco, how to cope with internalised biphobia, multi-faith safe space
  11. DMP – should be later in the day – the process publicised in advance and the work spread out because it was too rushed going from Friday to Sunday in the event. Consider spreading this through the entire year for sustainability of volunteer time suggested. Comments around the publicity on votes needing to go more in advance like 2 or 3 weeks to give people time to read. Comments about wanting it to not clash with religious services, and be later in the day for access reasons for those who find it hard to get up early or who had been at the ball the night before. Lots comments about how the session leader did and that people appreciated him and his help -LOTS OF COMMENTS ABOUT HOW IT WAS SOME PEOPLES FAVOURITE PART OF THE EVENT. WOW!!! Lots of people appreciating the work from the racialized minorities group and from those looking at the carer sections to improve our anti-oppression stances.
  12. Gather/tech comment – Wish there had been more people in Gather the way you chat is easier and feels friendlier. So more publicity from people using it as the variety was really appreciated and a few comments about how easy it was to use for people.