Session TitleDescriptionFormatPlatformMax numberCW/TW?Extra infoName and Pronouns
Queer LiteratureThis session will start with a brief talk by Emily Metcalfe from Leeds LGBT+ Book Club and Literature Festival. This will be followed by a fairly informal chat about queer literature including representation, own voices and more. Feel free to bring your own queer book recommendationsShort talk followed by discussion groupZoom25Content discussed may not be suitable for under 18sNEmily Metcalfe (she/her)
DBT skills to survive a crisis This session is all about developing skills to survive an emotional crisis. The truth is that no one thing will work for everyone, so we will talk through a lot of different strategies that folks can use when their emotions get overwhelming. It is all about treating your emotion like it is the emergency and learning tools to reduce activation so that you can get through it (without making things worse).workshopZoom20Crisis but without specific details on the crises NoSophia Graham (she/her)
Bi representation on screen: does the horror genre do it best?For a long time, bisexual people on the big screen were portrayed either as homewreckers or psychos, and almost always over-sexed. Is this representation improving? nd does the horror genre address it better than the rest? Alix will be opening with a presentation of some examples in order to kick off a discussion.Lecture blended discussionZoom20Blood, discussions of bi-erasure, stereotypes, sex and horror tropes, this is however not limited.NAlix, they/them
Genderqueer & Non Binary safe spaceA relaxed safe space for shared experiences. This is a Trans inclusive space for Genderqueer, Genderfluid and Non Binary people along with other Non-Cis gendered people. Somewhere to chill & chat about the joys and difficulty of being beautifully us.Those questioning their identities are very welcome.Relaxed discussion space, very open.Zoom30 however if there are more people that cannot access the space they can request to come in by emailing over to the main BiCon inbox and we can ask if you're happy to allow extras. Discussions may include mental health, dysphoria, self harm, queer/transphobia/enbyphobia, homophobia however this is not limited as it is an open space. Any triggers that are affecting attendees should be called out to the Tech person privately (myself) NNiall, ask as these change
SuperFat+ Happy Safe SpaceA safe space for fat people over a UK size 24 to come together and chat about being Bi+ and fat in the UK. We will not be allowing mentioning of a specific weight or BMI in numbers or talk of diets or intentional weight loss.Discussion. I will act as compare and prod conversation along, but it will be an open formatZoom30 by emailDiscussions of weight and eating disorders. medical fatphobia, fatphobia, family and societal pressure to lose weight. Self-hate and talk of self-harm, abuse of substances in lieu of eating etc. I have said that we will not be allowing mentioning of a specific weight or BMI in numbers or talk of diets or intentional weight loss. These topics still may be talked about.NRae Durrant (he/they)
Fat Happy Safe SpaceA safe space for fat people to come together and chat about being Bi+ and fat in the UK. We will not be allowing mentioning of a specific weight or BMI in numbers or talk of diets or intentional weight loss.Discussion. I will act as compare and prod conversation along, but it will be an open formatZoom30 by emailDiscussions of weight and eating disorders. medical fatphobia, fatphobia, family and societal pressure to lose weight. Self-hate and talk of self-harm, abuse of substances in lieu of eating etc. I have said that we will not be allowing mentioning of a specific weight or BMI in numbers or talk of diets or intentional weight loss. These topics still may be talked about.NRae Durrant (he/they)
A Sabbath ServiceAn evening religious service of singing, hebrew & english language with reference to reform Judaism online prayer book. This is open to anyone with an interest in Judaism.Service, with giving offers for other people to get involved if they want toZoom50Hebrew is a very gender binary specific language, this should be addressed on the CW. nLydia (they/them)
Bi+ and Beyond - DocumentaryScreening: This activist-made documentary aims to give voice to the less visible spectrum of the LGTBQI+ community and includes interviews filmed at the 2014 LGTBQI+ ILGA-Europe Conference in Riga (Latvia) to plurisexual activists from different countries about their personal experience and their bi+, trans, intersex and intersectional activism.ScreeningZoomOpenLGTBIphobia is discussed. This content may not be suitable for under 18sLenght: 1 hour -spans across 2 sessions due to this - Year of release: 2021, Country: Spain.Anna Maria Staiano (She/Her They/Them)
Neurodiverse workshop - Intro to Executive FunctionExecutive Function and its effects! Open to all who are neurodiverse (eg autism, ADHD,dyspraxia, dyslexia, Tourettes Syndrome), whether formally diagnosed, self-diagnosed or questioning. Exact format will depend on the number of participants, Facilitated by a neurodiverse person!Interactive session, all one groupZoomUp to 25May include some talk of mental health - not in-depthNic (she/her)
Queer Sci-Fi/Fantasy MediaSession for sharing and discussion of queer sci-fi and fantasy media, including books, TV/film, games, etc.DiscussionZoomOpenmention mental health issues, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia.NRachel Hallows, she/her
Kitchen Witchcraft Talk and discussion about practical herbalism and food as medicine. All welcome.Talk & Discussion.ZoomOpenNNEddi (they/them)
Peeling Back: What do you choose to show or hide to/from the world.
To create a layered portrait piece, with the option of peeling back portions of the layers. 1) What keeps you grounded? 2) What do you keep hidden? 3) Self-portrait 4) Wallpaper layer (how do you blend in). The final part is to choose what the participants show; by either showing their breakout room group or share with the larger group, and we'll spend a moment talking about what people might not share. The aim is to look at what might make up people in that moment, the third layer is a contemporary self-portrait, it doesn't need to be a literal self portrait, participants will be encouraged to have fun with what they making/drawing/creating a self portrait means to them. Although the workshop has a directed approach no one is forced to make art, or to make all of the layers, its about taking part and everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion or creation of art works.introduction, then art making, need to decided if we make art together as a large group then after a certain amount of time go into breakout rooms and the members of the group have a brief discussion amongst themselves, then we return to the larger group and will have time for others to share their experience, or ask more questions about art therapy etc.Zoom50NNLee-Ann Sheehy from Artful Thinking; she/her.
Being Less Lonely Online & Off (which acronym is BLLOO)How can we find and engage in communities online (and real world) that are friendly to bisexual+ people? How will those spaces change when most in-person events resume? A talk, with opportunities for input and questions from attendees.lecture blended discussionZoom75NNJohn G, he/him
StorytimeA session for the parents of young children! As there are basically no books on bisexuality for kids, we’ll use stories looking at inclusion of all sorts. All ages of kids welcome, but books will mainly be aimed at under 8s. My daughter may join us for this session!Some interaction between Storyteller and familiesZoom12 families maxNParents/cares take full responsibility for their children at all times during the session.
Parents/carers MUST be present with their children, whether camera on or not!
Please don’t worry about how they behave, or what they may say! If parents wish to give their email address via chat, I can provide more book ideas afterwards
Nic (she/her)
Polyamory 101 - the basics ofAn extremely brief introduction to Polyamory for everyone just starting out on the road to this particular type of consensual non-monogamy. If you’re new to polyamory this is for you. We will probably cover common issues you might encounter, ways to get started, what style might make you happiest, strange new words, general tips and techniques, and whatever else we can get into the time. Plus why we all seem to worship Google Calendar!Lecture to a Q&AZoomOpenNNoEunice Hung, she/her
Everyday Makeup Tutorial.Suitable for all folks who want to wear make up, fun and informal.TutorialZoomOpenNFolks are welcome to bring some or all of the below if they want to follow along:
Face primer
Eye primer
Nude eyeshadow palette
Black or brown eyeliner (liquid/gel/cream)
Brown pencil liner
Nude pencil liner
Setting Spray
Jemma She/Her
UNISON, Bi+ equality and intersectionality in the workplaceUNISON is the largest trade union in the UK. We have a long and proud history of campaigning for bi equality in the workplace. Many of us suffer from discrimination because we are also Young, Black, Trans, Disabled or a woman too. Our workshop covers how UNISON campaigns against all discrimination in the workplace, and how our LGBT+, Women’s, Black, Disabled and Young members networks provide safe spaces for our members and work to eliminate all discrimination in the workplaceworkshopZoom40NNSophie Robinson, Judy R (she/her)
BiCon Group Photo Normally after BiCon closes we have a group photo taken with many of the attendees taking part. We’ll be doing our best to recreate that virtually!
To get an idea, last year’s is here
Drop in over the hour from the start time, take your turn to have your photo added to the gallery and then log back out of the zoom.
The photo will appear in the next issue of BCN magazine
drop in sessionZoomOpenNNJen Yockney (she/her)
Bi Organisation Funding A report on bi organisation funding in the UK, the state of the community, and findings/recommendations from research carried out in May-June 2021PresentationZoomOpenNNJohn G, he/him
Craftalong with GemmaPlease come and let's craft together. All craft forms welcome from origami to colouring in to sewing or knitting. This is a low pressure space to hang out, chat and share the things we're making together.Chat & Hang OutZoom 20NoGemma (she/her)
Bring-A-Bi-ObjectBring something along that represents bisexuality (or pansexuality etc) - either personally or generally. Tell us about it, and hear about others’ objects. No obligation to bring an object/speak if you’d rather just listenInteractive workshop, may include breakout rooms (numbers dependent).Zoom100Participants use common sense about what objects they bring/show please, being aware other participants may have children around.NoNic (she/her)
Bisexuals In Fandom
Do you write fanfiction, create fanart or cosplay, or make other kinds of fanworks like songvids? This is the session for you! Let’s get together for a chat about fandom, find connections with other fans, and discuss how we explore our sexuality and gender through the medium of fictional characters.Discussion group.DiscordOpenPerhaps an adult content warning as sometimes we talk about Adult-rated or sexual content in these sessions.NElwin Elizabeth, they/them
No Pride in War: Queers resisting militarism and the arms tradeArms companies are sponsoring Pride events in Britain, while selling weapons to regimes such as Saudi Arabia that kill and torture queers. Meanwhile, armed forces are trying to pinkwash their image by marching in uniformed blocks on Pride parades.

The No Pride in War campaign consists of people who believe that queer liberation means resisting militarism, not submitting to it. This isn't about excluding any individuals from Pride; it's about stopping military organisations misusing us for their own ends.

Come along to explore the issues and make plans for resistance!

More information at

discussionZoom, 20Possible brief references to mental health and to sexual abuse (not detailed).Symon Hill (he/him)
Sexy Selfies: celebrating your queerness and body through the art of the selfieTaking sexy pictures can be an act of rebellion. Queer bodies deserve to be celebrated, and that starts with you. Join this discussion to find out about angles, tools, and props, but this will be secondary to the main discussion of loving your body in all forms. This space is body, kink and gender positive.Presentation, with discussion during the presentation.Zoom25possible censored nudityNAmy Lou, they/them
Bis of colour and BAME safe space
A safe space for bi+ POC and BAME people. There won't be any set topics, and participants can simply talk about and share experiences or just be in the space. There's no pressure for people to contribute to any discussionsInformal discussionZoom15racist, biphobic, acephobic, transphobic and/or ableist incidents.NYvonne she/her
Yes, All Men: Taking responsibility and dismantling the patriarchy.Men's responsibility to address male violence and challenge misogyny. Exploring the damage caused by patriarchy to people socialised as male. This is for everyone with a particular focus on cis men.I'll be doing a short presentation (10-20 mins) followed by a panel discussion and closed out with a Q&A.ZoomOpenRape, sexual assault and sexual harrassment.NoAl Reid (They/Them).
What does the Bible really say about sex and sexuality?Join us as we dive into the Bible to explore for ourselves what it has to say about sex and sexuality. This session is particularly suited to people who are not too familiar with the Bible, but others are welcome too.

We will focus on some comments attributed to Jesus, looking briefly at the historical background and asking what relevance they have for us today.

This session is not an attempt to convert you to Christianity! You're invited whatever your religious or non-religious views.

The session is partly based on my book The Upside-Down Bible:

discussionZoom15Refereces to sexual violence and sexual harrassment, but probably not in detail.Symon Hill (he/him)
Spoonie Sex! (Sex and Disability)This session is for disabled, chronically ill and neurodiverse folks, their partners and allies. There will be show and tell elements and the session will cover three main topics; masturbation, spoonie friendly sex positions and kink & communication.Lecture + discussion groups. Maybe breakout rooms.Zoom50Y - Sex consent, disability and mental health. Some people may need space to talk about trauma.Strictly 18+Naomi (she/they)
The BiCon Ball!The theme of the ball this year is Bi Icons (BIcons). Because everything is online this year, we don't want to 'make' people fully dress up, but take you head & shoulders for a spin & pop on your camera. We want to see Pride flags, awesome hats, and if you'd like to dressing up as your fave Bi Icon we HIGHLY encourage this. DJ & Mod will be hosting this and music will also be by request.BallZoomOpenNoneCan't do talking on a mic due to funtionality but can use the Chat function.
Stu (he/him)
Trans+ Safer SpaceA safer space for trans people. Trans (adjective) = anyone whose sense of gender does not align with that of their sex assigned at birth. This includes trans men and women, as well as nonbinary+ and agender people. The group is also open to those who are unsure or questioning their gender. This will be a protected space to discuss things related to: identity, pronouns, discrimination, dysphoria, transition, family, coming out, etc. You can present your gender however you feel comfortable (it doesn’t have to match anyone’s expectations), and use any name and pronouns that feel right for you (you can change your mind). This is a confidential space, your attendance and any identifying details may not be disclosed without consent.Open with the group guidelines first, make sure everyone knows how to disconnect their audio if they need to, and has support in place if anything comes up. Check in with name, pronouns, something you would like to share, everyone offered a turn to speak. A free form discussion around suggested topics will follow, closed with a check in. People can use Chat if they want to request a topic.Zoom 15Abuse topics may come up during discussion, but no detailed descriptions of abuse or violence without trigger warnings. some topics may arise that could be unsuitable for people under 18.NoneMel (he/him)
Biscuit's Big Bi QuizA classic pub quiz with a bisexual twist, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes donated by Biscuit. As this is taking place over Zoom, we will be playing as individuals, not teams. You'll need a paper and pen, and you'll be marking your own answers so no cheating.QuizZoom OpenNoneNoneLibby (she/her)
Asians in bi+ and queer contexts
Asian bi+ folks are an often-overlooked minority within the LGBTQIA+ and bi+ BIPOC community. In this session, we will give insights on the intersectionality of Asian Bi+ from lived experiences in different countries, and together reflect on the misrepresentations and prejudices which affect Asian queers.Lecture, blended discussionZoom OpenAnti-Asian racism, sexism, bi-phobiaOpen for all, not only BIPOC/BAMESakura (she/her) & Jessica (she/her)
The Short Guide to AccessibilityThis session should help you to make your event or group more accessible to disabled people, and also to neurodiverse people who may not define as disabled such as autistic people. I’ll do a short presentation with slides and then open up to questions and discussion. Attendees will be able to get a copy of the slides and handout, please ask if you need these in advance for access reasons.Presentation 15min approx followed by Q and AZoom 25Some general examples of poor access and inclusionNoneRowan Alison, they/them
Meet BiCon ContinuityIf you’re interested in knowing more about BiCon Continuity this is the session for you. Continuity is the charity which looks after BiCon’s money and approves teams to run BiCon each year as well as as well as supporting and funding other bisexual activism and activities. In this session we’ll do a short intro about what we do and what we’ve been up to this year and then try to answer some questions. If you have any questions you want to send us in advance you can email, or just ask on the day.
Presentation 15min approx followed by Q and AZoom 30Rowan and Elizabeth are BiCon Continuity TrusteesRowan Alison, they/them, Elizabeth Barner, she/her
Disability Safe SpaceA space where disabled BiFolk can come and meet other diabled BiFolks for an easy going chat. You can be as neurodiverse as you like, you do not have to hide symptoms or mask. This is a space free from ableism, there is no pressure to have your video or microphone turned on. You are welcome to just sit and be in the space.Open discussionZoom 20There will likely be discussions of ableism and ableist experiances. We cannot guarentee there will not be stressful and upsetting topics that arise; the facilitator/moderator intends to keep particulaly distressing topics to 5-10 minutes to ensure that every individuals safety is taken into account, however you are more than welcome to reach out if you are uncomfortable and we will move the dicsussion forward. You are welcome to drop in and out of the space as needed.This will be split into 2 breakout rooms at some point in the session if the space is full. This is to enable everybody to have a chance to talk.Jules O (they/she)
Gather chat social spaceCome play board games, draw pictures, play the piano, dance to music or just chat with your friends! Choose a small private space for all your mates, an intimate booth for two, or just hang out in the main space with everyone, however you like to chill!Informal chat, games and party space!Gather20NoneSystem specs:
Desktop or laptop with webcam and either internal or external mic.
OS: Windows, Mac or Linux Browsers: Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
*Sorry - won’t work on smartphones or iPads*.
Web address will be given out nearer the time!
Suzy Rachel she/her
MultiFaith Spiritual Space Sessionfacilitated space to explore being spiritual in Bi Space and Bi (or an Ally) in our different spiritual spaces - for people of all faiths and none. A mixture of discussions, reflection and exercises including sound and gentle (in chair) movement. You only need to bring yourself but you may like to have a candle (and something to light it with) next to you to help us mark our special time/space together and/or an object that has had spiritual or emotional meaning for you during Lockdown that you would be happy to show to the rest of us.Spiritual discussions, reflection and exercisesZoom35This workshop is for everyone. Many Bi people and allies have had painful experiences in Spiritual and Faith spaces and our discussions may well touch on that and/or on how some people find spiritual meaning in sex - so you should be prepared for those topics to come up. No one will be forced to disclose anything, this is not a therapy session, and we will work within the comfort levels of our group as we are on the dayNoneLudy (they/them)
Queer in AcademiaIn this session, we want to talk about being queer in academia. Share your own experiences or discuss how to improve the situation through more visibility & representation as well as concrete steps like pushing academic publishers to adopt name change policies.DiscussionZoom OpenThis will depend on what participants share during the session, there are no formal warnings at this timeNoneJost (they/them)
Speed friendingSmall groups or pairs will speak on pre-arranged topics as a speed friending session - or just ignore the topics and have a chat!Small group chatsDiscord/Gather50Noneplease see access info for the platforms and choose your sessionSuzy Rachel she/her
Kink 101An introduction to various aspect of BDSM and the Kink Community and a Q&A about the topic
Intro and discussionZoom 25Rape/ Sexual Violence, Medical Procedures, Sexiusm/ misogyny , Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia , AbuseStrictly 18+Das Puma (She/Her)
Making Rope IntersectionalA discussion about rope play and how its preceived limits in the kink community can be pushed and being enjoyed more people.This is includes all body types and disabilities and genders.Lecture and discussionZoom 25Rape/ Sexual Violence, Medical Procedures, Sexiusm/ misogyny , Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia , Abuse, Fatphobia , Ableism, Weight, Other PhobiasStrictly 18+Das Puma (She/Her)
Bi community groups and events organisers meetThis session is for anyone who runs or helps out with a bi group or event anywhere in the world. We also welcome people who intend to or want to run a bi group or event in future.
We'll chat about our experiences and challenges and share solutions and good ideas together.
DiscussionZoom OpenNoneNoneEle Hicks she/her
Chat BreakoutsSmall breakout rooms to get to know each other and chat informally. Informal discussions on zoom - in smaller rooms of 4 people per roomZoom50NoneNoneKate she/her
Pre DMPPreparation for BiCon’s decision-making meeting on Sunday. Anyone wishing to raise an issue (guideline change, request for funding, run a future BiCon etc.) should come to this meeting or send a proxy, so that we can add it to the agenda published in advance.chaired discussionzoomOpen - agenda reach out in early JulynonenoneDavid he/him
DMPBiCon’s decision-making session, where decisions are taken about how BiCon should be runchaired discussion with votingzoomOpen - agenda set in advance - see web page DMPnonenoneDavid he/him
Bisexuals working in education or who are studentsA chance for those of us working or studying in schools, colleges, universities or other forms of education to get together for a chat.informal discussionzoomopennonenoneGrant he/him
cops and bi spaces, past and presentcops have a history of not being a positive presence in lgbtq spaces. we’ll talk a little bit about the history, and how it plays into the queer jewish anarchist pay what you can cafe we're openinghalf presentation, half discussion zoom100PG/family friendly session will be recorded and posted online later - only speak directly if you want to appear on the recording miles grant, pink peacock café, he/him
Health Inequalities in Bisexual People and Where to Access HelpExperiences of bisexual people accessing healthcare are rarely discussed even though we have a higher risk of general and mental health problems. But guess what? You’re not alone. This session will cover the health inequalities and access issues experienced by bisexual people, as well as recommendations of safe organisations to access and ones to avoidPresentation and open discussionzoomopenDiscussions may include mental health, discrimination and bi/queer/transphobia, HIV/AIDs, cancer, weight, eating disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, suicidal/self harm, sexism, misogyny, abuse, therapy, medical procedures, general health issues and conditionsnoneDarci she/they
Antiziganism in the UKAn overview of Antiziganism in the UK, covering the definition of antiziganism, its history, common current manifestations and what can be done about itpresetnation and Q&Azoom100 discussion of prejudice, anti ziganism specifically, may mention other racism and discriminations or prejudices, police brutality and domestic violence could be mentionedNoFinn Townsley (he/him)
Black queer historyPresentation of historypresentation and Q&Azoom30racism, discrimination, prejudicenoCarys she/they