Here is the 2021 team budget. Once we have finalised all our docs we will publish a farewell from the whole team – but here's my farewell notes below the budget link


Kate Notes: It's been a total rollercoaster over the last year watching the Bicon community take on board our learning about race, and our shared community responsibility to keep the anti racist movement going. It's not hidden that I was absolutely delighted in our DMP (basically Bicon's AGM) votes this year, where we voted in new guidelines after an anti-racist review, and voted to do more anti racism training for all attendees next year. However there's still a lot of work to be done. On the 2020 website you can read the anti racism review where our community members from racialised minorities expressed worry that we would 'slip back' again with our progress – as has happened previously when some movement was made on anti racism. It's absolutely imperative that we don't let this happen – and yes that means you – each and every one of you. Please contribute to community learning events in the unoffical FB group and discord – and keep the learning and movement going. There's a year's zoom account that we got funded again so you can have access to this to run events! And of course the discord can be used too (link on contact page of website).

Your 2022 team will be working together on a new website and set of info -I'd encourage you to email in to make sure your work and ideas aren't lost and be part of the official process too – while there's a gap between teams you can email in to BiCon Continuity Ltd <> to talk to them about how we should spend the remaining anti racism budget, to be part of the team, or to get the zoom logins to run an event. Please do volunteer in any way you can! There will be another meeting next year to hopefully vote in more anti racist and generally anti oppressive guidelines and we need you to come and be part of the transformation that our racialised minorities community members deserve – hope to see you in Leeds!