BiCon 2021 has now ended, but see you next year in Leeds!

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BiCon 2021 was be online – Thursday 19th – 22nd of August 2021

Ticket sales are open now on Outsavvy – here! 

BiCon is a weekend-long educational and social gathering for Bi+ people, their friends, partners, and others with a supportive interest in bisexuality.

Tickets grant you access to the workshops and socials that run from a Thursday night to a Sunday afternoon, but you dont have to attend every session, just come along to the ones that you want to.

Tickets for the 2021 virtual BiCon are free, but there is the option to make a donation and we appriate every penny as it all goes directly to helping run BiCon this year and future years. Suggested donation £10 a ticket and if you can purchase one for someone who can't buy a ticket… that would be amazing!

BiCon is proud to implement a Code of Conduct and is committed to making our event accessible.

By 'buying' one of the below tickets, you agree to behaving n line with BiCons Code of Conduct, which has been refeshed for 2021. Please read it before proceeding.

This year there are two types of tickets. If you are uncertain which one to choose, please refer to the BiCon website and the anti-racism page updated for 2021.


Carers tickets are as always – free. You don't need a separate one this year as they'll be in the room with you presumably.

Children under 16 go 'with you' and don't need their own ticket as again, they'll be in the room with you and you're responsible for them during the event.

16-18 year olds can go 'on their own' and sign up for their own ticket. There are some over 18s sessions and they will not be permitted into those rooms.