Listening Team

Although BiCon is once again happening virtually, we will still be
offering a listening service. A team of experienced listeners will be
on duty and coordinate individual listening sessions via a central
email (, which you can contact if you are in
need of a listener.

The listening team will then get in touch with you and arrange a way
to connect that works best for the both of you (e.g. a call or a
chat). We will still follow the principle of confidentiality and

Please be aware that the listening team is not equipped to deal with
acute or severe mental health issues or crises. If you feel you need
more support than a friendly, listening ear, we suggest contacting one
of the following services:

Switchboard LGBT+ helpline (phone, chat, email):ย
Samaritans (phone, email):ย
LGBT Foundation helpline (phone, email):ย