BiCon 2021

A highlight of the bisexual year!

Thanks to Covid-19, we think it's unlikely that there will be an 'in-person' BiCon this year.

Even if the UK's vaccination programme succeeds in making it possible - and at least one part of the UK is advising people not to organise such events this year - it's simply not possible to get insurance that would cover the losses if it did have to be cancelled later.

It looks like there is interest in having another online event, as happened last year. If you're interested in helping with that, please email

Follow biconuk on twitter for more updates.

We will also be contacting people who paid for an in-person BiCon 2020 to offer a refund, but it may take some time for us to work out some of the logistics. Please be patient with us about this if you can, but let us know by email if you need repaying urgently.

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