Meet the team

  1. This is a quick introduction to the team that are working to make this years Bicon happen. Members of the team that are on duty during Bicon can be identified by a purple sash. Team members are all volunteers so please respect that they are not always on duty and are there to enjoy Bicon too.


After running Bicon 2017 Rachel decided she would love to do it again so is now working with a great team to organise Bicon 2021. Rachel owns a board game cafe with her partner and spends most of her time working there, playing games and meeting lots of great people.



Katy is organising evening entertainment and room allocations, which are her two favourite BiCon jobs. She has been involved with several previous teams and also runs London Bifest as well as being the editor of Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain. She’s been going to BiCon since 1998 and is keen to help make it as inclusive, accessible and enjoyable a space as possible.




Olli has been to several BiCons now and was part of the last Leeds organising team. He has organised the listening team and sessions on sex and disability in the past. He hails from Berlin and is an overall nice nerd.



Jude has been attending Bicon's for several years now and this year will be organising the session timetable.